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The Tong Sheng TSDZ2B is a little powerhouse of a mid-drive motor. Very compact and light, it features a torque sensing bottom bracket for smooth power delivery. The TSDZ2B is the latest generation of the  motor, incorporating a new double clutch design. 


Our TSDZ2B kits kits are based on the factory 48V version. They come complete with the mid-drive motor assembly, integrated controller, flywheel and 42T chainring attached to an internal torque sensing bottom bracket. The kit includes square taper crank arms, speed sensor and wiring harness. 


We then replace the factory firmware and pre-install Open Source Firmware (OSF) v20.1C.2. We currently offer two versions. The basic version includes the VLCD5 LED B&W display with no throttle or brake sensors. We also offer an upgraded version that includes a color APT 860c display (also with compatible firmware pre-installed), a Bafang compatible wiring harness, throttle and cable pull brake levers with cut-off sensors.


The firmware modification allows for a wide range of adjustibility not possible in the factory units. It can be configured for 52V systems. The firmware also offers users the ability to calibrate the torque sensor for improved response. 


Use At Your Own Risk - It is important to note that the modifications required in hardware and firmware to install the OSF void the factory warranty. Buyers must read the documentation thoroughly, gain an understanding of function, constraints and limitation of the system and take responstibility for configuring the motor properly. The OSF provides improved performance, additional functionality and greater adjustability but improper configuration can cause damage to TSDZ2B motor, gears, controller and/or battery.


By purchasing this unit, you acknowledge you are doing so at your own risk. 


Please allow 3-5 days for hardware and firmware modifications prior to shipping.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email a request and we can fill you in on the details. 


Tong Sheng TSDZ2B 500W Mid-drive eBike Motor Conversion Kit with OSF

SKU: 0003001
  • Before using the display and the bike, carefully read the manual and the parameter configurator guide. Consult the laws of your country relating to road traffic with pedal assisted bikes.

    Battery Setting - The firmware developer recommends 15 Amps (36 Volts battery), 12 Amps (48 Volts battery), 10 Amps (52 Volts battery) or you run the risk of overheating your motor.

    Before using the TSDZ2 and display with new firmware, you must correctly configure the options on the display. For example, you should configure your battery’s low voltage cut-off so as not to over-discharge the battery. Do set all other parameters also to ensure proper operation.

    It is recommended that when installing OSF V20.1C configuring the display and motor using this guide that you take safety precautions. You should have the rear wheel off the ground in case the motor activates. For extra precaution, you should install brake cutoffs and have them easily accessible as well as be ready to disconnect or cut off power to the battery.

    Each time the display is turned on, do not touch the pedals for at least 5 seconds, until the system finishes booting.

    Never connect or disconnect the charger from the battery with mains power applied. Always connect or disconnect mains power before connecting or disconnecting the battery.

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