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Bikes are an expression of who you are, what you do, and where you want to go. ​

Mid-Drive E-Bike Conversion Kit CYC X1 Pro 72V Battery Pack on Turner Downhill Bike EMTB

Project eTDH

This package was delivered just before the holiday aboard Santa's Volvo. A beautiful example of a Turner Downhill racer it's been given a second life - this time as an all mountain canyon carver. The build starts with a CYC X1 Pro mid-drive kit. The motor and size small frame get extra boost from a 864Wh 72V Battery pack to keep maximum power on tap for the X1 Pro. 

Project eBeargrease

Fat bikes are fun bikes. Fat E-BIkes put the E in Extra Fun! Motor assist makes them far more practical and great multi-use, two wheel vehicles. With a rack on the back and saddlebags you can have almost as much fun on the grocery run, tearing up a mud bogged trail or just hauling the mail! This carbon framed medium Salsa Beargrease is equipped with a CYC X1 Pro motor and our 21Ah battery pack to keep the fun going for hours on a single charge.   

Project eAriel

The Specialized Ariel makes for a practical city, commuter and touring bike. This medium 2015 aluminum framed example has been amped up and revised with a CYC X1 Stealth package and a 17Ah battery pack. Select upgrade on this bike include a RockShox and Continental Mondial tires to keep it well connected to the ground and rolling for many more miles to come.

Project ePrime II

Another day, another Banshee Prime. This 29er is one of our favorite donor bikes. We had a another opportunity to build on this one by sourcing this medium aluminum framed 2018 specimen in excellent condition. We found it locally for an out-of-state customer, completed the build and shipped it off once complete. The bike incorporates a CYC X1 Pro mated to a 21Ah battery pack. It delivers on the versatility of enduro mountain bike geometry with the added capability to eBike power to take it anywhere.

E-Bike Conversion Kit Mid-Drive Motor Cyc X1 Pro 52V 21Ah Battery Pack mounted on Banshee Prime Enduro Mountain BIke EMTB Pictured in the hills above San Rafeal California
ebike eMBT MBT Mountain CYC Motor X1 Pro 21ah battery Waltworks

Project eWalt

This XL custom steel framed monster was produced by Waltworks out of Colorado. The owner struggled to find a bike that fit but he was able to ride this one in conventional form before it was stripped and sold to be rebuilt. We spec'd a hardtail that tackles single track with the power to address the steepest steeps. It's equipped with the 3000w CYC Motor X1 Pro and a massive 21ah battery. Plus sized 29s on carbon wheels with XT 4 pot brakes were sourced from our friends at The Pros Closet. Color matched Hope floating rotors add a touch of bling. 

Sally's eSurly

Sally wanted to do more with her bike. Trail rides, grocery trips, camping, commuting. This Surly is equipped with a BBSHD motor combined with a 21Ah battery. She likes to keep the power setting low to get the most out of her ride but the power and range are always there when she wants it. The front brake was upgraded to hydraulic with a larger rotor. Lekkie Buzz Bars and Bling ring, Lezyne and Supernova lighting were also part of this all-arounder. 

ebike eMBT MBT Mountain bike cargo bafang bbshd 21ah battery surly ecr fff fatties fit fine
ebike eMBT MBT Mountain Bike CYC Motor X1 Pro 13ah battery full suspension spot rollik full suspension

Project eRollik

The carbon framed Spot Rollik features a torsion plate rear pivot making the suspension super stiff laterally. Perfect for handling the 3000w capacity of the CYC Motor X1 Pro. This dream build bike started with a second hand frame and features DT Swiss carbon wheels and XTR components. For half the price of a dream build off the showroom floor.

Project eAspect

The Aspect is a great all-around hardtail made greater with a BBSHD motor. This extra large frame has more than enough room for the massive 21Ah battery, giving it great range and the power to cruise the steepest grade. The Lekkie Buzz Bars and Bling ring eliminate flex and compensate for the outboard chain line. 

ebike eMBT MBT Mountain bike bafang bbshd 21ah battery lekkie buzz bars bling ring scott aspect
ebike eMBT MBT Mountain bike bafang bbshd 13ah battery lekkie buzz bars bling ring Banshee Prime full suspension 29er

Project ePrime

The aluminum framed Banshee Prime v1 was ahead of its time with a slack frontend and steep seat geometry (for its time). The combination makes the bike a great climber and descender. 29"+ size tires match its beefy construction. The frame was purchased second hand for a ground up construction. It's running a 13Ah pack, BBSHD motor with billet Lekkie Buzz Bars, Bling Ring and motor cover to complete this eEnduro. 


Our glamor shot on the splash page features this '08 Jumpstumper. The 17Ah battery provides great range and fits perfectly in this medium frame. The BBSHD motor is dressed with Lekkie Buzz Bars and Bling ring. This bike gets used in the City and on trails making it a great all rounder. The 1000w Lezyne headlight and Supernova tail light running off the battery pack are always on tap and maintain visibility day or night. 

ebike eMBT Mountain Bike bafang bbshd 17ah battery lekkie buzz bars bling ring specialized stumpjumper
ebike eMBT Mountain bike bafang bbshd 13ah battery santa cruz nomad full suspension

Project eNomad

This first gen aluminum framed Nomad lived the life of a garage queen until it was put back into service. A 13Ah battery and BBSHD motor crank up the volume nicely. This bike is a tank and up for pretty much anything you can throw at it. The early geometry is steep by modern standards which makes it a functional trail bike to balance out it's all mountain character.

Project eCzar

Turner makes beautiful bicycles. The 29er XC trail Czar is no exception. This one's equipped with a BikeeBike 1500w motor that keeps the stock chainline in place. Word on the street is David is not a fan of eBikes. Please don't tell him about this one.

Mountaiebike eMBT MBT n bike bikeebike 1500w 13ah battery 29er Turner Czar full suspension
ebike eMBT MBT Mountain bike bafang bbshd 13ah battery carbon Terrashark full suspension

Back to the Future

The carbon fiber framed Terra Shark was ahead of its time in the day. Until it wasn't. For a time, the MBT industry was producing moto inspired designs but by the late '00s it had shifted in another direction. It only seemed appropriate for this rig to fulfill its potential with an actual motor.

Project eTallboy 

This '12 Tallboy v1 had a good run but it's 70+ degree rake just isn't cool anymore. Loaded with a 1000w Bafang BBSHD motor and 13Ah pack, it makes quick work of the local steeps, fire roads and single track. Just make sure to keep that weight back!

ebike Mid-drive Motor Conversion kit Bafang BBSHD santa cruz tallboy full suspension

Parkpre ePro Elite

The Parkpre Pro Elite was an early 90s hardtail mountain bike built around a titanium frame built by Litespeed. This one was originally constructed by the notorious Pig Iron Bicycles. These bikes were light and fast in their day but closer to road bikes than modern MTB geometry. This one had a couple generations of groupos before transformation into an ePro Elite using a Bafang BBSHD motor and 13Ah battery. It's done double duty as a single track mountain climber and a high speed commuter. 

​What's your story?

We'd love to help turn your ideas into reality.

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