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It's Alive!

The origin story of this mad science was born out of curiosity. We strive to get second life from great bikes just out of fashion, and produce more value with greater potential from custom builds than production eBikes offer.

We believe we've achieved these goals. Our conversions produce more power and deliver longer range for less cost than production eBike equivalents.

Ride. Rebuild. ReCycle.

We see eBikes as a game changer. They make it more likely to get you on a bike, more often. Soon you'll be looking for any excuse to get out and ride. 




ReCycle offers some of the best equipment out there to assemble your own conversion. We can also work with you to pick a donor, plan the build and assemble it for you. 


We can rebuild them. We have the technology. We can make them better than they were. Better, stronger, FASTER...

Have questions? Give us a ping. 

The great thing about constructing your own power assisted bike is the ability to tailor it to meet your needs. Bikes converted to electric typically make more power, can get far more range and for less cost than production bike equivalents. In short - better value.


We've also realized there's a second life for great bikes that may be slightly past their freshness date but are fine pieces of equipment none-the-less. They can make great platforms (donors) to start from. 


What is your return policy?

What are your payment methods?

Do you sell your products offline?

Will you ship outside the US?

Do you offer rentals?

All contents and packaging must be in original, as new condition. Package must be returned and received within 30 days of purchase. Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

Payment for products and services can be made online via our eCommerece portal or in person. We can meet up locally to show some of our products or show our current builds.

Domestic shipping is arranged through the website at checkout. If you'd like us to ship internationally, send us and email and include the location and the equipment you'd like to order and we will provide an estimate. 

Not at this time.

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