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CYC X1 Pro Gen 4 eBike Motor Conversion Kit


CYC's most powerful motor just got an upgrade. Introducing the X1 Pro Gen 4.


The CYC X1 Pro is a powerhouse. New for 2024, it now includes the all new X12 controller, capable of producing up to 5000W of power and 280 N.m. torque. With double the capacity of the Gen 3's X6, the X12 controller can operate at up to 84V and 120A, delivering as much as 6kW of peak power. The motor has been redesigned for better thermal performance with a 25% larger core. The X1 Pro kit features the highest power to weight ratio in the eBIke market at 1.5kW per kg.


The X1 Pro builds on the success of the Gen 3, equipped with advanced torque sensing, responsive throttle capabilities, & customizable assistance tuning - on the fly and in the App. Feel one of the best pedal assist sensations in the ebike world with the integrated flywheel/torque sensor, providing pedal assistance that feels like a natural extension of your own effort.


The CYC X1 Pro eBike conversion kit comes complete with everything needed to convert your conventional bike to an eBike with the exception of a battery pack or required adapters. It is available with two display options. The SW102 Display is a small B&W screen with integrated controls and can be mounted on the right or left side. The DW103 display has a larger color screen with a seperate button control module and has been upgraded to support battery packs operating at up to 72V. You can also choose between a universal thumb throttle, half-twist or a full twist grip throttle control.


The CYC X1 Pro offers the widest range of compatibility with mounting hardware and the most adaptive platform on the market for attachment to modern conventional bike frame designs. Bottom bracket options include BSA 67-83mm, 100mm, 120mm, and Press Fit BB92 (with threaded adapter). Most other bottom bracket types can be used with a BSA threaded adapter. Chainring options include 32T/53T, 38T/63T (standard), or 40T/72T. 175mm crankarms are included as standard with 165mm available by special order. 


The CYC X1 Pro eBike conversion kit comes complete with everything needed to convert your conventional bike to an eBike with the exception of a battery pack. The Pro is compatible with battery packs between 36V to 72V using a (battery side) XT90 female connector.


To reach maximum power output with the X1 Pro, match this motor kit with a high discharge battery pack such as the CYC B52L with Samsung 40T cells and 70A BMS. Using the X1 Pro at lower power outputs also has advantages, such as better range while operating at lower tempuratures. 


The CYCRide Control mobile App allows you to customize your CYC system with the mobile app (via Bluetooth) and the programmable controller with display menu integration. 


You can find the CYCRide Control Apps in the mobile app stores below to preview the controls:




Please specify at no additional charge:


  • 11/53T 219H motor drive gearing with 32T narrow/wide bicycle chainring (more torque)
  • 11/63T 219H motor drive gearing with 38T narrow/wide bicycle chainring (standard gearing)
  • 11/72T 219H motor drive gearing with 40T narrow/wide bicycle chainring (more top speed)



  • 165mm ISIS crankarms
  • or 175mm ISIS crankarms



  • Thumb throttle (standard)
  • Half twist throttle (split grip)
  • Full twist throttle



  • SW102 B&W display with integrated controls (52V max) (+$0)
  • DS103 color display with left hand mounted controls (52V max) (+$25)


Bottom Brackets

  • BSA 68/73/83mm bottom bracket (+$0)
  • BSA 100mm (+$68)
  • BSA 120mm (+$68) (currently requires special order)
  • PF 92 bottom bracket with threaded adapter (+$88)


Optional Additions

  • Bike Headlights powered by battery pack ( (+$68)
  • Remote controller mount wiring kit (+68)



All the previous water ingress point has been sealed properly with the upgrades. All the exposed bearings are also sealed so the systems are now safe to wash and use under heavy rain condition.



This product has a 2-year warranty. Man-made failure excluded. Warranty starts on the day that your product/s are delivered. Warranty registration card included in package. 


Current lead time is 4-6 weeks for delivery on pre-orders

If you have any questions about the various options and upgrades, please don't hesitate to reach out.

CYC X1 Pro Gen 4 eBike Motor Conversion Kit

Current lead time is 4-6 weeks
  • The X1 Pro Gen 4 is a high-powered mid-drive electric bike conversion kit made for extreme power, off-road, and utility use. Rated at 5000W & 250N.m.

    The package includes everything you need to convert your bike except the battery:

    • Motor-reduction assembly
    • 219H chainring-reduction assembly
    • Bicycle chainring with chainring cover
    • 219H golden KMC chain
    • ISIS splined bottom bracket & spindle
    • 165mm/ 175mm crank arm set
    • Gen 4 torque sensor
    • X12 controller (5000W)
    • Built-in bashguard
    • Waterproof wire harness
    • Motor hanger
    • 3, 5, & 7mm spacers for BSA threaded 68/73/83mm version / 2x 2mm spacers for BB92 version
    • SW102 (up to 52V)/ DS103 Display (up to 72V)
    • Thumb throttle/ Half-twist throttle/ Full twist throttle
    • Magnetic speed sensor
    • Magnetic brake sensors (optional)
    • User manual (ecopy)
  • Rated Power  5000W (X12)
    Max. Torque              280 N.m.
    Rated Voltage 36 - 72V
    Max. RPM (at crank) > 300 RPM
    Total Weight  5.6 kg
    Motor Chainring 32T with 53T, 38T with 63T, 40T with 72T
    Compatibility BSA 68 - 83mm, BB92, BSA 100mm, BSA 120mm
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