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The CYC X1 Stealth is a compact and lightweight mid-drive motor and controller kit for converting your convensional bicycle into a powerful and capable eBike. It builds on the success of the third generation CYC X1 Pro with tuned control using a torque sensing bottom bracket to deliver pedal assistance that feels like a natural extention of your own effort.


The CYC X1 Stealth is a more compact and quieter package than the X1 Pro while still delivering up to 1500W of power and 150NM torque. Like the Pro, the motor/controller mounting hardware is the most adaptive platform on the market for attachment to modern conventional bike frame designs.


The CYC X1 Stealth is available with two display options. The SW102 Display is a small B&W screen with integrated controls and can be mounted on the right or left side. The DW103 display has a larger color screen which is typically mounted in the center and includes a seperate button control module that can be mounted to either right or left sides of the bars.


The CYC X1 Stealth eBike conversion kit comes complete with everything needed to convert your convensional bike to an eBike with the exception of a battery pack. The Stealth is compatible with battery packs between 36V to 52V using a XT90 female connector.


The CYC Motor X1 Stealth Gen 3 conversion kits come standard with adjustable 67-83mm Bottom Bracket, a B&W SW102 display, 38T/63T chainring freewheel assembly, 175mm crank arms, and universal (right/leflt side) thumb throttle. 


Optional features for and additional charge include the DS103 color display and the PF30 bottom bracket to fit bike frame of this size. 


Additional options at no additional charge include:

  • 11/53T 219H primary drive gearing with 32T narrow/wide bicycle chainring
  • 165mm crankarms
  • Half-twist, or Full-twist throttle


Please specify your preferences on these substituions by email. 


Available for purchase seperately:

  • Dual intensity LED eBike Headlights powered by downtube battery pack
  • Extension wire to mount the controller seperately 


      * Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery depending on stock on hand.



The X1 Stealth Gen 3 is a high-powered mid-drive electric bike conversion kit made for powerful power, all-terrain use. Rated up to 52V maxium, 1500W & 150N.m. torque output.


ADVANCED TORQUE SENSING TECHNOLOGYPatented torque sensor technology offers one of the best pedal assist sensations in the ebike world. Paired with CYC's firmware tuning and a robust sprag clutch, the torque sensor ensures instant engagement and an intuitive pedal assist experience. The Gen 3 ISIS splined torque sensing system ensures durability even with extreme riding.



The latest X-Controller was developed with In-house firmware to optimize the throttle and pedal assist experience. Paired with the new CYC Ride Control mobile app, it provides riders with the control they need to optimize their ride.. The controller is also programmable via the display. 



Modular design allows fitment on a wide range of bike frames. The X1 Stealth Gen 3 suits over 90% of available frames.



Redesigned to make ebike conversion easier than ever.


The package includes everything you need to convert your bike except the battery:

  • Motor gear reduction assembly
  • 219H golden KMC ebike motor chain
  • Freewheel assembly including bicycle chainring with chainring cover
  • 38T N/W + 63T Chainrings (standard) or optional 32T Narrow/Wide + 53T 219H Chainrings for torque 
  • ISIS splined bottom bracket & spindle
  • 165 or 175mm crank arm set
  • Gen 3 torque sensing freewheel module
  • CYC X6 controller
  • Built-in bashguard
  • Waterproof wire harness
  • Motor hanger
  • 3, 5, & 7mm spacers for BSA threaded 68/73/83mm 
  • Thumb, Half-twist or Full-twist Throttle
  • Magnetic speed sensor
  • User manual (ecopy)



X1 Pro and X1 Stealth Gen 3 had a design overhaul with the intention to provide not only the best power and torque, but also to provide a convenient solution. The redesign of CYC conversion kits also made it possible to solve previous weaknesses thanks to rider feedback. 


With mechanically retained magnets inside the CYC motors, they are designed to reach high RPMs without failing under heat stress.



The PAS and throttle experience are refined. The following list of issues are addressed with the X-series controller.

  • High Initial torque
  • Peak power
  • Maximum reliability
  • No cut-out with full power in bumpy terrainInstant throttle response
  • Refined torque sensor tuning
  • Simplified app
  • Fully programmable via display, so using the app is not mandatory
  • Plug-and-play



New CYC motors are equipped with the Gen 3 torque sensing technology exclusively developed in-house by their team of engineers and riders. Together they achieve an unparalelled pedal assist riding experience.



CYC's patent pending torque sensor includes both a high sensitivity strain gauge module and a cadence sensing module. The high number of poles of the cadence sensor ensures a hight degree of control and sensitivity and provides fine-tuning of the firmware by riders. 



The new Gen 3 PAS (pedal assist system) is integrated with the robust sprag clutch module so there's no external wiring that can get caught, bent, or accidentally snapped. The CYC PAS operates with both the torque and cadence signal.  



Ensuring you have a durable crankset is crucial to any ebike. The new integrated torque sensing module has made it possible for us to give you back the ISIS splined crankset so you can rest at ease knowing that no matter how hard you pedal, your crankset will stay secure. The bottom bracket bearings are now fully sealed to ensure maximum reliability with outdoor use.



All the previous water ingress point has been sealed properly with the upgrades. All the exposed bearings are also sealed so the systems are now safe to wash and use under heavy rain condition.



2-year warranty starts on day of delivery. Man made failures and use of this product with a system not supplied by CYCMotor Ltd will not be supported or warrantied.

CYC X1 Stealth Gen 3 eBike Motor Conversion Kit

SKU: 0001004

    150N.m. PEAK TORQUE

    36V to 52V COMPATIBLE



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