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E-Bike Conversion Specialists

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Sales of Electric Motor Kits, Batteries & E-Bike Gear
Custom Installs & Pre-Constructed eBikes

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Convert your conventional bicycle to an eBike with the latest high-performance electric motor kits and battery packs


The R-eCycle online store supports DIY makers and we're available to provide advice on your build 


Conversion kits include everything you need to electrify your bike​

  • Motors are designed to attach to conventional bike bottom brackets

  • Kits include mid-drive motor, cranks, chain rings and controls 

  • Batteries are sold separately to meet range, fitting, and performance needs

  • We offer upgrades and accessories to make your build eBike ready

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DIY Electric Bike Conversion

Installation and Pre-built Conversions

Lack the time or inclination to build your own eBike? 

ReCycle offers a range of products and services including:​

  • Pre-built eBike conversions 

  • Custom builds using your bike matched with components available in our online store

  • Source new or used bikes and components for restoration or complete frame up construction

Contact us for to find out more!


Why Electric?

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E-Bikes are a game changer! They expand horizons for cycling, offering more... 

  • function

  • convenience

  • speed

  • versatility

  • range

  • fun!


E-Bikes are a great choice for getting outside, going 

further, and doing it more often. 

Why Convert Bikes?

Conversions are the most cost-effective way to experience electric bikes. 


What do conversions deliver over premium production eBikes?

  • Less wasteful

  • Tailored to you 

  • lower cost 

  • higher performance

  • longer range

  • Best value


E-Bike conversions allow you to create a bespoke rig

Design a bike to meet your individual needs


Some examples of bikes we've transformed 

  • Late-model road bikes or rigid MTBs into rapid eBike commuters

  • Full suspension cross country mountain bike into a powerful all mountain eMTBs

  • Steel frame cruisers and urban utility bikes into a do-it-all electric cargo bike that will climb anything and still carve a trail


… just to name a few.


We typically start with high-quality used bikes, no longer at the cutting edge or simply out of service.


See what others have dreamed up. Check out some examples of our projects with this link.

E-Bike Conversion Kits

R-eCycles offers the latest in Mid-Drive eBike conversion kits and everything you need to complete your project.


We offer a range of kits to suit your budget and ambition​

  • TongSheng

    • The entry level motor of choice featuring a torque sensing bottom bracket for more natural pedal assistance

  • Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD

    • The tried and true solutions for builders, having established a reputation for reliability and delivering strong performance

  • CYC Motor

    • Offering the latest technology featuring the smoothest power delivery and the widest range of performance with motors delivering 1200W to 6000W


Range of premium battery packs

  • 48V, 52V and 72V Battery Packs 

  • Ranging from 13Ah to 24Ah capacity 

  • All packs feature Samsung, LG, and Panasonic Battery Cells


E-Bike Accessories

  • Lekkie CNC Machined Cranks,

  • Grin Battery Mounts,

  • Battery pack powered lights


  • Select Pre Built E-Bike Conversions Available Ready to Ride

  • High-Quality Used Bikes Ready to Build on


ReCycle is based just north of San Francisco and serves the Bay Area and Northern California.


We can arrange local pick-up/delivery or ship nationwide.

If you have questions about our products and services, don't hesitate to reach out with the link provided or drop a note in the comment box. 

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Thanks, we'll be in touch!

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