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CYC Motor X1 Series B-52L Battery Pack

The CYC X1 Series B-52L Battery Packs is designed for optimum performance. 


The 52V B-52L comes in two configurations. The High Performance model 40T or the Extended Range 50E pack.


The High Performance pack uses Samsung model 40T 21700 type cells in a 14s3p configuration to produce 12Ah, 624Wh of charge. This pack incorporates a 70A BMS to provide maximum power output to get the most out of your X1 Pro motor. What these packs give up in range, they more than make up for in accelleration. 


The Extended Range version of the B-52L Samsung model 50E 21700 type cells in a 14s3p configuration to produce 15Ah, 780Wh of charge. The ER version incorporates a 45A BMS, supporting up to 2500W continuous discharge. 


The B-52L includes:

  • High impact polycarbonate battery case with cell module, BMS, & line out with XT90-S connection encased
  • Battery mount with padding pre-assembled to battery case
  • Lithium ebike battery charger via XT90 connector
  • Velcro mounting strap
  • User Manual (ecopy)
  • Brochure


This product complies with UN38.3, IEC62133, RoHS, FCC, & CE standards

CYC Motor X1 Series B-52L Battery Pack

SKU: 0001011
Estimated 3-4 weeks for delivery
  • Battery Voltage 52V 14s3p
    Battery Cell Type

    Samsung 40T or 50E 21700

    Battery Capacity

    40T: 12Ah (624Wh), 50E: 15Ah, 780Wh

    Max. Continious Current 40T: 70A, 50E: 45A
    Weight (battery pack)

    4.3 kg

    Weight (battery mount) 0.3 kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H)

    364 x 81 x 104mm

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