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Not all e-bike battery packs are created equal. There are many cheaper packs available on eBay and Amazon with similar capacity. In many cases, the sellers won't disclose the battery cell type or manufacturing source. R-eCycle uses genuine Samsung, LG and Panasonic batteries because they are manufactured to higher specifications to ensure consistent performance, longevity and reliability. Our packs also use an internal honeycomb structure to retain the cells and maintain pack integrity.


The Jumbo 21Ah, 1092Wh LG  Shark Packs strike a balance between performance and long range, utilizing LG INR18650 MJ1 cells in a 14S6P configuration. The DP-9 case incorporates a 40A BMS with integrated bluetooth communication. They provide power output up to 2300W and continous power of 1800W. The Jumbo Shark Pack measures 368mm x 90mm x 140mm.


DP-9 packs include a keyed locking mechanism, an on/off power switch and a LED battery power level indicator. 


The pack also include a 58.8V 2A charger, 3 pin RE3 charging connector, and a US standard socket.


Wires are stubbed off for your choice of connector. Bafang and Tong Sheng kits typically include Anderson connectors for attaching the battery pack. A female XT90 connector is required for attachment to CYC Motor Kits. 


The Grin Triple Bob Battery Mount (found in Accessories) is highly recommended with the Jumbo Shark Packs for additional strenth and greater flexibility in mounting locations. The Triple Bob is designed to fit the DP-7 & 9 mounting points. 


52V 21Ah Jumbo Shark Battery Pack

SKU: 0004004
Estimated 3-4 weeks for delivery
  • 368mm x 90mm x 140mm

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